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Youth Programs

We currently offer Sunday morning childcare for ages infant – 4 years old, Sunday School for 5 - 12 years old. We invite all other ages to join us in the sanctuary.

Once we're back to our full youth program, we'll offer classes for all age groups, infant through high school. We strive to provide a love-filled, supportive environment in which your child can grow and learn spiritually.

Sunday mornings, children and youth classes meet at 10:30 am during the adult service. To ensure our youth are provided a comfortable atmosphere in which to learn and interact with peers their age, Center of Unity offers age-specific classes. Each age presents a different level of learning skills to coincide with age-appropriate lessons and activities.

Children and youth are encouraged to express their thoughts and uniqueness while being taught how Unity principles apply in their lives.

We want you, the parent or care giver, to feel confident that, when you entrust your children to our care, they will be in a safe place. Therefore, all our teachers and childcare workers have undergone a thorough background check.

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Our Mission
We strive to provide a family-friendly and child-supportive environment where our children will grow in self-esteem and self-respect, and in awareness of the divinity within them.  We regard teaching as the process of helping children discover the Truth that lies within and providing an opportunity for them to practice applying the Truth in their lives.  We use prayer, affirmations, meditation, story-telling, music, and creative expression to this end.

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