Kids Sunday School

Before church begins, all ages meet in the assembly room for snacks, games and fellowship.  Once church begins at 10:30 am, we head to the sanctuary to join everyone for our morning joy songs.  After the songs and greeting, the kids head back to the youth ed hall and go to their age-level classes for prayer, affirmation, meditation, story-telling, and creative expression.  After class the children join the adults in the sanctuary for a few minutes of sharing their morning experience, and for the final song, and the Prayer for Protection.  The children then return to their classroom to wait for their parents to sign them out.

Our “Youth Ed Dollar” program was started to add to our children’s enjoyment and is quite popular.  After the parents pick up their children, they are free to take their dollars to the Youth Ed store to make their purchases.
Parent participation in our program is not only welcomed but strongly encouraged.  If you would be interested in sitting in on a class, in helping one or more times a month in a class or even teaching a class, please let Mary Salerno know.

Nursery (Infants to 4 years)

Babies and toddlers are learning something every waking moment, and we want their church time to be a wonderful experience for them. Many special teaching aides are used for this age group and we ensure individual love and attention. Parents are invited to observe this special class any time.

Pre-K – 6th Grade

We want our kids to LOVE CHURCH!  We have a creative, interactive environment for them to experience God’s love, love of others and love of life.  Each week your child will enter an experience filled with exciting games, great music and creative learning.  We connect with your child in an experience designed just for them.