Tree of life

Tree of Life

A Tree Grows on Hughes Road Because of You

The Gift is in the Giving

As we give, we are certain that the ripple effect of our ministry embodies the power of Jesus’ statement, “And I, when I am lifted up from earth, will draw all people to myself.”

The Tree of Life offers such an opportunity.  It is a permanent handcrafted artwork of leaves, acorns, and foundation stones.  Miniature plaques are individually mounted for the purpose of giving us each the opportunity to remember significant people, events, dates, achievements, or acts of service that are meaningful in our lives.  Each plaque will be engraved with a phrase of your choosing.

The Tree of Life also provides financial support that enhances our property and people.  It also symbolizes the blooming of our church.  Each leaf represents the growth and expansion of Center of Unity.  Each acorn is a seed that has the potential to become a mighty oak.  Foundation stones represent the strength of God’s abundant love and our faith in miracles that are manifesting.  The successes of our programs are guaranteed by a solid foundation.

The names on our Tree of Life leaves, acorns and foundation stones are precious to all of us because they represent the love we have for one another and our church.  It is done …there are more leaves, acorns and stones that will take us forward in our mission of bringing the kingdom of heaven to individual lives, our church and the planet.

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