Become a Center of Unity Board Member

The Nominating Committee will receive applications for new board members until Sunday, October 30, 2022.  There are two positions available for the term of 2023-2026.    If you are interested in applying, please complete the questionnaire form below or you can download and print the application to return to the church office.

According to the by-laws of our church, the following are qualifications to become a board member: 


Must be an active Voting Member of Center of Unity


Endeavors to live in accordance with the Jesus Christ principles of love and truth as taught by Unity.


Desires to serve on the Board


Furthers the work of the ministry through active interest, love and support as shown by faithful attendance at services and other activities of the ministry. 


Is a sincere and continuing student of Unity, evidenced by attendance and participation at classes and being conversant with its  teachings. 


Has demonstrated leadership capabilities and is willing to serve as an example to the membership. 


Tithes to Center of Unity. 

Questionnaire for Prospective Members of the Board of Directors